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Elegance Blockout Fabric (100% Australian made)

Elegance (42 most attractive colours ) complies with Building code of australia for class

Product Description:150/2 x 150/2 - 100% Polyester plain weave with PVC free pigmented acrylic grey 100% blockout base coat and four layers of pigmented cross linked polymer colour coats.

Product Code: 0820S – ELEGANCE and 0820S – ELEGANCE DULUX

Product Details : Elegance and Elegance Dulux branded acrylic coated blinds materials are designed for use as a mainstream functional light blockout material to prevent sunlight from entering rooms of houses or commercial buildings and for the provision of materials. Elegance and Elegance Dulux and Made in Australia and is a licensed user of both the Made in Australia logo and the Dulux logo. The product can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soapy water if required. The Company warrants the product for 5 years providing it is used and maintained in accordance with the Company’s Product Disclosure Statement and Warranty Conditions below.

Product Warranty: Elegance and Elegance Dulux materials are manufactured and laboratory tested on site in accordance with the above specifications and will maintain their physical performance properties for a minimum of 5 years under normal use. Normal use is defined as typical or standard applications for these materials as a window coverings blind material in either roller, panel glide or vertical louvre form. The company does not warrant the material for wear and tear or damage caused through use other than as a window covering material.