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Natural Shade

Natural Shade

  • Natural Shade is an eco-friendly blind that suits up to its name.
  • It is a hand-made product made from red, bamboo, hemp and so on. Also, metallic was used to give a more luxurious feel
  • When rolled down, a subtle view of the outside can be seen
  • Natural shade can be easily rolled up and it is semi-automatically rolled down, making it more luxurious.
  • The sides of the fabric have been finished off with blas tape, making the product very neat.
  • If the interior has a natural theme, we strongly recommend Natural Shade

Two Systems Available

1. Roman Shade method: Like the ordinary roman shade that we are all familliar with, this method enhances the natural and luxurous feel of the shade.

2. Roll-Up method: The shade isrolled up from the bottom and offers a more modern feel. Also, due to its special system, the shade can be easily operated even a large windows.