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Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds Melbourne

Welcome to Brilliant Blinds, your premier supplier of ready-made zebra blinds in Melbourne.

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Window blinds and shades come in many different styles, shapes and sizes - most are costly, and can take a long time to craft (usually, because they are custom made). The team at Brilliant Blinds have discovered an alternative – they needn’t be custom made in order to find a window space.

We’ve studied a national database of window dimensions, and have come up with a selection of sized blinds that will fit the majority of Australian homes. When you order ready-made blinds from us, you will significantly cut down on the turn-around time, as well as reducing the price substantially.

Since the length of Zebra roller blinds are always adjustable, we are only left with the width. Combining multiple colours and high grade materials, we are able to deliver what would normally be an expensive product at a highly competitive price.

Zebra blinds feature the ultimate combination of utility and style, and are perfect for every room in the house. Easy to install, practical and user friendly, the benefits of these nifty products know no bounds: they provide the optimal amount of sunlight whilst maintaining complete privacy for your home.

What we can offer:

Our ready-made Zebra blinds are designed to fit any window up to 72 inches long, and can be installed in three easy steps using our simple instructions manual. Our continuous cord system will allow you to adjust the length of the blind according to the dimensions of each window.

If your dimensions will not align with our sizes, we also offer customization service. Simply, go to “order now” and type in your requested width and we will cut it based on your required dimensions.

Starting at only $59, Zebra blinds in Melbourne are an affordable way to protect your house, whilst providing it a stylish, sophisticated look. For more information on our products and services, give our friendly team a call today!